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Me, Putin and PAK-FA: a love story

All politicians are posers, but Putin is the poserest of them all. Here he is walking home after parking his PAK-FA:

Putin and PK-FA: the love story

Ok, so I waited a long time for this bird and earlier this year I stayed awake a few nights waiting for news and pictures of the first flight on Komsomolsk-on-Amur. When the pictures came I was quite disappointed. It was almost like Paralay had drawn it and I hoped it wouldn't be. But a few months and hundreds of photos and videos later I am getting used to it. It lacks the refinement and grace of the snow cammo Su-35 bort 902, and seems unfinished and disproportional... but it is growing on me. In flight it looks threathening and retro-futuristic, like something that Ming the Merciless would send to chase Flash Gordon. I will say it: it reminds me of the Drakken.

I don't know what role Putin played in bringing this bird to life, but I am sure at least he didn't held it back, so thanks Mr. Putin! Not that you had much choice if you wanted your country to remain relevant, but at least you didn't pull a TSR-2.


Regular expressions on Oracle 8i and 9i

Use the OWA_PATTERN package, Luke!

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:) Opera Mini Web browser on the iPhone

:) Opera Mini Web browser on the iPhone - http://itunes.apple.com/pt/app/opera-mini-web-browser/id363729560?mt=8 #iTunes

UPDATE 20100614: Ok, Opera mini is useful to have. I have used Opera as my main browser since 1996 (can it really be that long ago???), but I am still using Safari on the iPhone, mainly because text is unreadable on OM without zooming in.

Here is the Amateur Entomologists' Society page on the Mini:

Opera Mini

... and on Safari:


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The Utility of Assassination

The Utility of Assassination http://tinyurl.com/yhymbkd

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Failed to CoCreate profiler

After using and uninstalling ANTS memory profiler this was left behind on the Environment registry key of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\ :


Doug advises to remove only the variables from the Environment value. Anik explains why this makes the service fail to start and why you must remove the whole Environment value.

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Ctrl + Alt + End sends Ctrl + Alt + Del on Remote Desktop

Yes, Ctrl + Alt + End sends Ctrl + Alt + Del on Remote Desktop.

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Where have I been?


Geek code

My geek code:

If you know what this means... you spend too much time on the Internet.


Inglorious Basterds sucks…

Inglorious Basterds sucks...

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#PAK-FA new AESA radar reveale…

#PAK FA new AESA radar revealed at MAKS: http://bit.ly/lSSam

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