os trabalhos e os dias vivendo o sonho e a realidade ao mesmo tempo (1)


Sara Maria manda-me sonhar

I was driving too fast, as usual, through a narrow countryside road, large stone pine trees scattered on both sides, large open fields beyond.

As usual in my dreams the car was out of control. I went pulled by an outside force and I could not stop it, only sometimes induce it to stay on the road. There was suddendly a flow of large birds flying low towards me, mostly guinea fowl, but also other fat imaginary birds, dark and swollen. There were thousands of them, moving very fast towards me on all sides, but none hit my car. They kept coming, like rain, hiding everything else and I finally went off the road and was driving over a ploughed field.

The birds were gone, but it was suddendly dark and my car headlights were very dim. I was jumping about, moving randomly over the field when I hit the elephant. He had appeared out of the darkness on my right side and withstood the impact almost motionlessly, trumpeting loudly. His head went down, a tusk went under my car and made it jump, almost turning it over. There was earth on the air and over the car, but the engine was still running and by itself the car limped away, wounded.

Then it started to rain.

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