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Me, Putin and PAK-FA: a love story

All politicians are posers, but Putin is the poserest of them all. Here he is walking home after parking his PAK-FA:

Putin and PK-FA: the love story

Ok, so I waited a long time for this bird and earlier this year I stayed awake a few nights waiting for news and pictures of the first flight on Komsomolsk-on-Amur. When the pictures came I was quite disappointed. It was almost like Paralay had drawn it and I hoped it wouldn't be. But a few months and hundreds of photos and videos later I am getting used to it. It lacks the refinement and grace of the snow cammo Su-35 bort 902, and seems unfinished and disproportional... but it is growing on me. In flight it looks threathening and retro-futuristic, like something that Ming the Merciless would send to chase Flash Gordon. I will say it: it reminds me of the Drakken.

I don't know what role Putin played in bringing this bird to life, but I am sure at least he didn't held it back, so thanks Mr. Putin! Not that you had much choice if you wanted your country to remain relevant, but at least you didn't pull a TSR-2.